The safety of airline's field

Airline transport safety is ever-present in airports, particularly as a result of the international context and the 9/11 attacks which has led the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN specialised agency, to make airline transport safety a priority objective.

Samsic Safety operates in this complex environment and ensures that every detail is not left to chance by offering its utmost professionalism and the highest level of service.

  • Passengers and hand baggage screening,
  • Special checks and cargo screening,
  • Vehicles screening,
  • Aircraft observer and search,
  • Escorts of valuable goods and passengers in aircraft reserved areas,
  • Safety of air terminals and car parks,
  • Liaison with various authorities and bodies (ECAC, DGCA, ATM, Air and Frontier Police, Customs),
  • Exchange of information in real time with customer representatives via an electronic logbook,
  • Control and check travel documentations ...


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Le nouveau site internet de Samsic Facility est en ligne.

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