SAMSIC Assistance, your ground handling partner.

Ground handling is in a constant flux of changes, to follow such evolutions and fulfill your needs, SAMSIC Assistance is also evolving. Its dynamic and solution driven approach enables SAMSIC Assistance and its teams to offer you innovative solutions and optimal handling.

SAMSIC Assistance can assist you on all four sides of ground handling: Baggage Handling, Passenger, 

Assistance aéroportuaire, bagages, airportBaggage handling

  • Baggage sorting
  • Baggage handling for departure and arrival
  • Oversized baggage Handling
  • Baggage transportation to the aircrafts




PassengerAssistance aéroportuaire, bagages, airport, embarquement, boarding

  • Boarding
  • Check-in services
  • Arrival and transfer services
  • Lounge services
  • Baggage Services
  • Airport ticketing sales desk




Assistance aéroportuaire, bagages, airport


  • Aircraft loading/unloading,
  • Crew transportation
  • De/Anti-Icing,
  • GPU, Push-Back,
  • Toilet and water services.
  • Marshaling




  • Flight coordination
  • Load sheet creation
  • Crew briefing
  • Weight and balance
  • Preparation and update of the flight documentation 
  • Setting up of the boarding bridge

Historically active in the most significant French airports in Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly, SAMSIC Assistance has expanded over the years and can now proudly assist you in Beauvais as well as in the Caribbean via our bases in Guadeloupe and Martinique. 

SAMSIC Assistance willingness to always stay a step ahead has led to its development in Europe notably in Serbia with our partner Skypartner based in Belgrade.


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